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Karolina Magdalena, aka “Molecule of happiness”,

supports you in building your happiness as a coach for your heart,

writer for your mind, guide for your path and healer for your body.

Her thoroughly selected tools help you to understand who you truly are and what you need in life.


She provides individual guidance for understanding your heart,

the inspiring book with life-lessons based on her true story

(“Love. Life. Death. Freedom.”) and reflections about happiness on social media.


Her transformative way of reading tarot cards facilitates creating the future that mirrors your heart.


As a healer, she also takes care of your health to achieve balanced

and long-lasting happiness for the rest of your life.

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The Book General

About the Book

After that one night, I made the scariest decision that followed me for a while. I left my comfortable life behind

to reunite with my confused heart. Not knowing what my happiness was about, I decided to follow the guidance of four big forces—Love, Life, Death, and Freedom—

that took a human form and came together during

an insightful journey all around the world.

That one night, the bravest decision and the transforming journey completely changed my life. 

Join me in learning how to discover your path, understand love, grow your strength through heart-breaking moments, celebrate life and eventually connect it all together to be happy and feel truly alive.

In my spiritual memoir Love. Life. Death. Freedom.,

I chronicle my transformative journey in the form of short stories with life lessons, inviting you to look into every corner of your heart and reflect on what truly matters in your life.

How many times have you snoozed your alarm clock in the morning to postpone living an unhappy life?

What does happiness mean to you and why is everything else more important?

What would need to happen for you to finally decide to follow your heart and create the happiest life journey without looking back?

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Black & white (+ e-book) 


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Australia ◦ Japan India

Color (premium edition)


US ◦ CanadaMexico ◦ UK ◦ Germany ◦ Poland ◦ France ◦ Sweden ◦ Spain ◦ Italy ◦ Netherlands ◦

Australia ◦ Japan 

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More possibilities to come. 

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Welcome to the world of
Love, Life, Death, and Freedom


Illustration by Madli,

Pictures from the journey that inspired the Book