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My name is Karolina Magdalena, and I've chosen the nickname 'Molecule of Happiness' to align my life's purpose with helping you understand and discover the essential elements for your well-being and a fulfilling life.

I dedicated several years to writing the book 'Love. Life. Death. Freedom.' to share the lessons I've learned during a transformative journey around the world, where I explored these four significant themes, hoping to inspire you with new perspectives.


After this exploration, I prioritized my own happiness over everything I've achieved in life. This led to a significant life transformation, and I've decided to share the elements that comprise my happiness on social media (@moleculeofhappiness) and use my personal story to guide you back to your heart.


My heart has found its home at the ocean and in the wild jungle of Costa Rica.

Here, I entrust nature, my knowledge, and intuition to assist you in healing your body naturally through methods like 'Meditative Reiki' and to guide you on the path to a joyful and fulfilling life through 'Transformative Tarot.'


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The Book General

About the Book

After that one night, I made the scariest decision that followed me for a while. I left my comfortable life behind

to reunite with my confused heart. Not knowing what my happiness was about, I decided to follow the guidance of four big forces—Love, Life, Death, and Freedom—

that took a human form and came together during

an insightful journey all around the world.

That one night, the bravest decision and the transforming journey completely changed my life. 

Join me in learning how to discover your path, understand love, grow your strength through heart-breaking moments, celebrate life and eventually connect it all together to be happy and feel truly alive.

In my spiritual memoir Love. Life. Death. Freedom.,

I chronicle my transformative journey in the form of short stories with life lessons, inviting you to look into every corner of your heart and reflect on what truly matters in your life.

How many times have you snoozed your alarm clock in the morning to postpone living an unhappy life?

What does happiness mean to you and why is everything else more important?

What would need to happen for you to finally decide to follow your heart and create the happiest life journey without looking back?

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US ◦ CanadaMexico ◦ UK ◦ Germany ◦ Poland ◦ France ◦ Sweden ◦ Spain ◦ Italy ◦ Netherlands ◦

Australia ◦ Japan 

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More possibilities to come. 

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It will help me to reach other people who could learn from my story. 

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Welcome to the world of
Love, Life, Death, and Freedom


Illustration by Madli,

Pictures from the journey that inspired the Book


Learning about Love, Life, Death, and Freedom brought me

backto my heart. As a result I left behind everything I knew

to find a new home and build a happy life from scratch. 

But what it actually takes to be happy? 


Is there a formula that creates happiness or

maybe a molecule that makes us feel this way? 


I decided to explore atoms that form happiness and

share with you my experiences from my current journey

towards a life that fully reflects my heart. 


Welcome to my Molecule of Happiness. 


I invite you to reconnect with your heart and 

explore what truly makes you happy. 


Ready? Let’s start.

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Meditative Reiki

I offer the following services that can benefit you on your path:

1. Meditative Reiki (energy healing)

Supporting your healing journey (healing sessions) and

guiding you to expand it to others (practical training for healers)

Reiki is an energy-channeling technique that activates the natural healing processes important for physical, mental and emotional well-being. In my practice, it takes a pleasant form of relaxing on a massage bed in nature while being guided through meditation and gently energized through my hands or other natural tools (e.g. crystals). My sessions are also enriched by elements of breath work, aromatherapy, acupressure and Ayurveda (ancient natural medicine of India). 

Healing sessions 

Whether you struggle with physical, mental, emotional conditions or simply need to recharge your energy level, my sessions will help you to bring back a peaceful balance to your life. I offer in-person Reiki sessions close to the Pacific Ocean in the area of Dominical - Dominicalito - Uvita - Ojochal in Costa Rica. You can enjoy my sessions under lush green trees on secluded beach spots, comfortably at your home or in my beach hut if you prefer to rest while listening to the ocean under the roof. 

Available mode: in person



Practical training for healers

Helping others grows our hearts. There are many ways of doing it⁠—from the simplest acts of random kindness to being a professional healer. While we are internally guided for a spectrum of cases, becoming a healer requires knowledge, experience and sometimes mentorship, which can help to understand healer's mission and path. After seven years of being a Reiki practitioner and learning from my mother with twenty-five years of experience, I offer practical guidance in regard to the following:

  • procedure

  • diagnosis

  • patient management

  • self-healing

  • ethics

  • combining Reiki with other healing techniques

  • alternative applications (healing relationships, situations, animals, plants, cleansing and protecting space, meditating with Reiki, etc.)

  • any other practical aspect that you would like to discuss after your Reiki initiation and theoretical training. 

Please note that you should already have your Reiki Level 1, 2 or Master certification to fully benefit from the sessions. 

Available mode: in person & digital

2. Transformative Tarot 

Guiding you to embrace your past and present to create a life that reflects your heart

The old tradition of reading tarot cards modernized with an empowered approach of creating the future by yourself gives you a unique tool to transform your current life. I guide you through your life process claiming the past and present as your allies. I also intuitively look for missing answers to create your path in full alignment with your heart.

The unknown stops being scary when you entrust the heart to lead you. 

Available mode: in person & digital

Transfomative Tarot

Traditional Tarot

Herbal Cards

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Dominicalito, Costa Rica

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